Too long, didn’t read?

The Scrum Guide is short, concise and informative. I encourge you to read it. But if it’s too long to you, or you need to onboard a busy team, follow me on my new blog series 2-Minute Scrum for Busy Teams — a bite-size, per-chapter, bullet-point summary of The Scrum Guide.

Definition of Scrum

Scrum is:

  • lightweight
  • simple to understand
  • difficult to master

Scrum is:

  • a process framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products
  • NOT a process, technique, or definitive method

Scrum is a framework:

  • consists of:
    • Scrum Teams and their associated roles
    • events
    • artifacts
    • and rules that bind these components together
  • which you can experiment on processes and techniques, to continuously improve:
    • the product
    • the team
    • and the working environment

Read the full text in The Scrum Guide.

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