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The Scrum Guide is short, concise and informative. I encourge you to read it. But if it’s too long to you, or you need to onboard a busy team, follow me on my new blog series 2-Minute Scrum for Busy Teams — a bite-size, per-chapter, bullet-point summary of The Scrum Guide.

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Retrospective:

  • inspects - Scrum Team itself
  • adapts - Scrum Team itself by implementing improvements in next Sprint

  • occurs after Sprint Review and prior to next Sprint Planning
  • max 3 hours for one-month Sprints

Why Sprint Retrospective?

  • Inspect how was the last Sprint with regards to:
    • people
    • relationships
    • process
    • and tools
  • Identify and order major items that went well and potential improvements
  • Create a plan for implementing improvements

Scrum Master:

  • ensures the event takes place and attendants understand its purpose
  • ensures the meeting is positive and productive
  • teaches all to keep it within the time-box
  • participates as a peer team member

Entire Scrum Team:

  • improves development process
    • by making it more effective and enjoyable
  • increases product quality
    • by improving work processes
    • or adapting the definition of “Done”
  • identifies improvements to implement in next Sprint

Read the full text in The Scrum Guide.

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